Dining with Severe Allergies

For people with severe allergies, dining out can be tricky. Some folks may be concerned about the best way to avoid exposure to certain foods or ingredients within food products, or want to feel more comfortable about food preparation. Below you’ll find tips and guides that offer information on how to avoid allergic triggers and helpful strategies to enjoy meals outside of the home while managing your potentially life-threatening allergies.

Supermarket Search: Grocery Shopping with Food Allergies

Shop for ingredients to make allergy-friendly recipes in this interactive game inspired by Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis Challenge™ winner Karson Winders.

Grocery Shopping for Children with Allergies Tip Sheet
Check out the ABCs of grocery shopping including Avoiding open bins of food, Bypassing food samples and counters, and Counting your child in on the decision-making process.
Food Substitution Cards
Re-create allergy-friendly versions of your favorite recipes with these handy food substitution cards created for the top allergens including milk, eggs, peanuts, fish/shellfish, tree nuts, soybeans and wheat.
Allergy-Friendly Recipes from Food Allergy Chefs and Authors Kelly Rudnicki and Cybele Pascal
Practice your cooking skills and whip up these delicious allergy-friendly treats that will be sure to please all. Try one or all of them from Kelly Rudnicki's The Food Allergy Mama's Easy, Fast Family Meals and Cybele Pascal's The Allergen-Free Baker's Handbook.
Managing Food Allergies While Dining Out
Check out tips from Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) for staying safe while dining outside of the home.
How to Read a Label and Identify Key Allergens
Worried about unexpected allergens while dining out? Check out FARE’s tip sheet to guide you on how to read a label and identify allergens like milk, peanuts and shellfish.
Resources for Restaurants
Want to help a restaurant become allergy-friendly? Let them know about FARE’s “Resources for Restaurants” section, which includes information about a new national training program for restaurant personnel to help them become more aware of food allergies.
Kids with Food Allergies’ Cards to Help Read Labels
Reading food labels can be a challenge, especially when you have allergens to avoid. Download Kids With Food Allergies’ travel friendly, printable food cards which list common names for specific allergens including milk, eggs, soybeans, peanuts and wheat.
Restaurant Information: Latex Glove Use
Are you or someone you know allergic to latex? Check out the American Latex Allergy Association’s (ALAA) resource to see which popular chain restaurants do and do not use latex gloves in food preparation.
Sample Letter to a Restaurant: Latex Allergies
Encourage your favorite restaurant to become latex-free and check out ALAA’s sample letter to send to a restaurant that uses latex balloons or latex gloves.
AllergyEats: Online Guide to Allergy-Friendly Restaurants
Check out AllergyEats’ comprehensive online guide to allergy-friendly restaurants across the U.S. It is a peer-reviewed directory of restaurants – rated by people with food allergies, for people with food allergies.