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Raise Your Hand for Anaphylaxis Awareness™ is a nationwide roll call of school communities committed to raising awareness of severe or life-threatening allergic reactions. The competition encouraged people to virtually “raise their hand” for their school district to win one of four $15,000 educational grants.

Mylan Specialty L.P. wants to thank everyone who raised their hand for anaphylaxis awareness. Collectively, nearly 150,000 hands were raised throughout the competition in more than 830 school districts across the country.

The competition may be over, but the conversation and education doesn’t stop here! Help to support ongoing communication and education about life-threatening allergies and anaphylaxis and keep spreading the word today! A few ways you can do this include, bringing in speakers and trainings to help educate both students and staff, purchasing anaphylaxis-related books for classrooms and hosting anaphylaxis awareness spirit weeks. Learn more by visiting our Resource Library.

Congratulations Winners! Cheektowaga-Sloan Union Free School District, Oxford Township School District, Utica Community Schools, Ossining Union Free School District
I Riased My Hand Because... Read why people supported this cause.

“First for my nephew with severe food allergies and secondly for all of the students in my school!”

“A large part of the challenge is raising awareness, and then having the proper tools to meet the needs of those children.”

“For my brave daughter with peanut, tree nut, sesame and fish allergies navigating life every day!”

“Every second counts for a food allergy reaction. Educate the importance of quick response!”

"I see the challenges some of my students face when making proper food choices."

“Education is our best tool, and we need to reach teachers, students AND parents! I want to create a system for education that does that!”

“All should be prepared to assist in the event a student has a life-threatening allergic reaction. All students deserve to be safe at school.”

“Anaphylaxis awareness - everyone needs to know about allergies and to be better prepared in case of an allergic reaction.”

“As a board member of the school's PTA, I have noticed that more people need to be educated on the situation.”

“As a Registered Nurse and mother of children with severe food allergies, I feel it is important to raise public awareness of anaphylaxis in schools.”

“I have a child with severe food allergies and anything I can do to raise awareness is important to me.”

“For my son. He is 4 years old. He is allergic to wheat, gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, and shellfish.”

“As someone who suffers from severe food allergies, I know knowledge is key to safety for our children with these allergies.”

“Everyone needs to be educated in how severe some allergies can be.”

“For my best friend’s sons!”

“For my brother and his friends with serious or life-threatening allergies!”

“[Life-threatening] allergies are so prevalent and awareness is an absolute necessity.”

“I have a child with food allergies and students that I teach. I think our entire school community from admin to bus drivers needs to be ready.”

“Our school district has 20 schools and one nurse. We really need help raising more awareness and support for food allergies.”

“My granddaughter is severely allergic to milk, soy, tree nuts, peas, beans, and peanuts.”

The Adventures of Ana & Phyl Axis E-Book

Join our favorite brother and sister duo to learn how everyone can play a role in anaphylaxis awareness!

Download the anaphylaxis e-book

Did You Know?

If at risk for anaphylaxis, you should carry your two epinephrine auto-injectors with you at all times.

Learn more about anaphylaxis

Plan an Anaphylaxis Awareness Week

Get in the spirit and host your very own week of educational fun-filled activities to boost awareness about life-threatening allergies at your school.

Create your anaphylaxis awareness plan

Host an Anaphylaxis Awareness Assembly

This presentation offers a simple way to teach students about life-threatening allergic reactions and how they can support others with severe allergies.

Download your anaphylaxis assembly

Let’s Celebrate: Guide to Special Occasions and Life-Threatening Allergies

Throwing a party? Having a barbeque? Get some quick tips to help anyone with severe allergies celebrate.

Download the guide here

Lesson Plan in Anaphylaxis: Classroom Readiness

Classrooms should be as safe as possible. Teachers play an important role in ensuring that every person in the classroom is aware of, and ready to respond to, a life-threatening allergic reaction.

Get anaphylaxis tips for your classroom

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