Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis
  • Julie Bowen and Ana & Phyl Axis team up on an educational adventure!

    Narrated by Julie Bowen, this entertaining e-book takes you on a journey that brings a school community together to learn how to avoid allergens and be prepared if a life-threatening allergic reaction accidentally occurs.

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  • Dining with Severe Allergies

    Dining with Severe Allergies

    For those with food allergies, dining out can be difficult and stressful to even think about. But there are resources to help! Visit the Resource Library to find tips to help you plan ahead when dining out, cooking at home and a fun "Supermarket Search" video game for kids.

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Learn from Julie Bowen how you can Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis! Watch now!

Free children’s e-book narrated by Julie Bowen! Follow Ana & Phyl Axis along with parents, teachers and other children as they plan an allergy-friendly school event. Download now!

Are You At Risk?

Have you or someone you care for had an allergic reaction in the past? If so, you may be at risk for anaphylaxis. Answer a few questions and schedule a time to speak to your doctor.

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If you love to read, print out our #anaphylaxis bookmarks so you can always have interesting allergy #facts on hand

Be proactive! Fill out @STLChildrens helpful form to inform your school about your child's known #allergy triggers

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Reading food labels carefully is so important! #DidYouKnow wheat can be found in glucose syrup, starch & soy sauce?

23 hours 30 minutes ago

We have helpful sample letters to give to your #school to help them better prepare for #anaphylaxis

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The Adventures of Ana & Phyl Axis E-Book

Join our favorite brother and sister duo to learn how everyone can play a role in anaphylaxis awareness!

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Did You Know?

If at risk for anaphylaxis, you should carry your two epinephrine auto-injectors with you at all times.

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Plan an Anaphylaxis Awareness Week

Get in the spirit and host your very own week of educational fun-filled activities to boost awareness about life-threatening allergies at your school.


Host an Anaphylaxis Awareness Assembly

This presentation offers a simple way to teach students about life-threatening allergic reactions and how they can support others with severe allergies.


Let’s Celebrate: Guide to Special Occasions and Life-Threatening Allergies

Throwing a party? Having a barbeque? Get some quick tips to help everyone celebrate.

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Lesson Plan in Anaphylaxis: Preparing Your Classroom

Classrooms should be as safe as possible. Teachers play an important role in ensuring that every person in the classroom is aware of, and ready to respond to, a life-threatening allergic reaction.


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